My first plane ticket is in hand.   While I'm still waiting for my ticket to London, I have one for London to Berlin and Munich to Stockholm.  Somehow I thought I'd feel differently with this tangible evidence of my trip, but I do not.  

Planning began in January when I decided to leave my job and LA.  I printed up a map of the world and circled the places I wanted to visit.  After listing and prioritizing them, I began to connect the dots and made my first (of many) itineraries.  

krisanddave.jpg (153977 bytes)The more committed I became, the more I began to realize that there are plenty others out there traveling.  Searching the web turned up great resources (see the links pages) for travel, as well as documentation of other peoples' journeys.  Wired2theworld's Dave and Kristina even live close to LA--after corresponding with them, we eventually met for dinner and had a great time at Cha Cha Cha in Los Feliz.  They traveled around the world with a small laptop and digital camera years before I began to think about it.   In February, the LA Times began a weekly column following a couple who packed their suitcases and set off on a world tour.  Then I discovered that Dave Zemke, with whom I used to work at EA, had set off on a year long trip with his fiancÚ.  Friends began to tell me of friends of theirs who had similar ambitions.  So my idea wasn't so original after all...

To the trip!