The Laptop

I love my Sony Vaio PictureBook C1XS.  It is the perfect size for a backpack and with a 400 mhz Pentium II has enough horsepower to run Windows 2000 (much more stable and better battery management), Photoshop 5.5, and Office 2000.  It sports enough space (12 gigabyte drive) to store all of my photos (USB connection to the cameras), plus most of my music in MP3 format.  I also use it to write email, saving the messages to a floppy disk for use in internet cafes (see the Internet page about onlne access around the world). 

I am very glad to have chosen the surge protector/tax filter/dual adapter from  It has saved my power supply more than once.  The only time I did not use it was in Ireland when I assumed that my adapters did not fit the surge protector.  The poor laptop had to go back to the USA for service.  I cannot say why the floppy drive stopped working after five months either.  It has also returned for service at Sony.  Other than these two issues, I have had a fine experience.

Camera, Jog Dial, Vaio Desktop, FireWire, Infrared, Monitor connection.

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